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    Work saved as an un-accessible 'File' file type. Can my work be revived?


      Hi Photoshop Community,


      Once I had completed working on a project in PSE9, I 'saved as' my work.


      I then closed the program and went to re-open the file however, the file appears with the extension 'File' and is un-accessible in all of the photo viewing software I have available. The file is however, still a large file - 85MB - which would suggest all of the file information is still in-tact.


      I have tried a few things I thought may help it. I tried opening the file in several different programs, I've tried re-nameing the file, opeing the file properties to change the file type, backing up the file then restarting the computer and program. So far nothing has helped.


      I would very much like to revive the file if possible, any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Kind Regards