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    CRXDE very slow (after removing .crxde)

    cqnewuser Level 1



      I am wondering if there's a way to improve the CRXDE performance?


      I have done everything mentioned on this article: http://blogs.adobe.com/contentmanagement/tag/crxde-performance/


      But after removing the .crxde directory under /user, it took more 2 hours to start CRXDE. First 'Initializing java tooling' took more than an hour, then 'Refreshing workspace' took another hour. Is there anyway to speed up the first time opening CRXDE after removing .crxde?


      Is there any way to stop 'Initializing java tooling' or 'refreshing workspace'?


      Many thanks!!

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          justin_at_adobe Adobe Employee

          What is the crxde:paths property of /etc/crxde/profiles/default set to?

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            cqnewuser Level 1

            Thanks Justin,


            crxde:paths is set to: /apps#/libs#/etc

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              justin_at_adobe Adobe Employee

              You could try removing /etc from that list.


              One other thought - in general Eclipse-based applications seem to be very sensitive to on-access virus scanners. If you have one of these running, try excluding the .crxde directory.

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                cqnewuser Level 1

                Hi Justin,


                Thanks very much for the answer. Will exclude .crxde from virus scan now..

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                  CRXDE is a pre-packaged stand-alone Eclipse application specifically designed for CQ and CRX. It enable developers to work efficiently, providing broad set of tools to easily create a project, create and manage files, folders, templates, components, dialogs, nodes, properties, scripts and bundles while logging, debugging and integrating with SVN.

                  But more often or not, CRXDE stops working and how much you try, it doesn’t open up. It does nothing when you click ok to login. People try re-installing and what not but the trick is pretty simple. Delete .crxde folder within your home directory. So, if you are using windows it will usually be under c:\ documents and settings\<your user name>

                  So, next time CRXDE stop working, you know how to rectify it. Keep CRXDEing !




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                    David Beaudet Level 1



                    I also had this problem and have solved it.  At first, clearing out .crxde did speed up CRXDE, but over time, it took longer and longer for CRXDE to synchronize with the JCR on start up.  Look in your CQ5 instance's log directory, particularly the access_log while CRXDE is taking a long time to load.  That will tell you what it's trying to load that's taking so long.  In my case, CRXDE was loading a TON of workflow history nodes (many thousands).   As the age of my local CQ5 instance increased, I was collecting more an more audit and workflow history nodes.  This made perfect sense since I had reverse migrated content from the authoring server many times over and the DAM assets that are installed each had at least one workflow history.  Other actions also contribute to the growth of workflow and audit records.  So, I simply installed the workflow and audit history purge package from Adobe which is described here:




                    and then I used the UI under tools... workflow... to purge the audit and workflow history from my local instance.  After that, I restarted my local instance, deleted .CRXDE again just for good measure, and CRXDE was once again as "speedy" as the first time I used it on a brand new CQ5.  It only took about a minute to come up rather than the 20 minutes I had been experiencing recently.


                    Hope this helps.