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    Blotchiness on final render/export -- WHY?!!?


      Take a look at the end, starting at about 5:24.




      It gets blotchy while it's fading to brown, and then even worse once it hits brown.


      I'm rendering as:



      Target bitrate: 15 MB/s

      Max bitrate: 40 MB/s

      29.97 fps

      1920 x 1080 px

      Key Frame Distance: 60



      Now why in the world am I still getting this blotchy crap? I mean what do I need to do to get rid of it? I've already tried higher and lower Key Frame Distances. Bitrate shouldn't be an issue, as far as I know.

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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          I'm not even seeing the blotchies unless I actually pause the playback. Could be system dependent (streaming speed, etc.)


          Your bitrates seem designed for Blu-ray rather than streaming, way too high. I don't upload to Vimeo, but do they re-encode your material? How does the exported file look if you play it back directly on your computer, rather than through Vimeo?


          My suggestion would be to try the Vimeo 1080p preset in AME, which is showing 5mbps data rate and 30 frame keyframing and see what that does. More is not always better.


          Also, as the video starts to fade down at the end, there is suddenly a brightness shift, image gets brighter, might want to look at the edit and see why that is happening. That definitely jumped out at me, but did NOT see blotchies.



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            austinmarti Level 1

            Thanks for the input.


            I had been experimenting with much highter bitrates than Vimeo's suggested ones based on suggestions of other people who upload to Vimeo.


            Yes, Vimeo does re-encode. Thank you, I did find the cause of the video getting brighter all of a sudden.


            I am using VLC Media Player when playing back locally, and am finding that I don't get the same result in other players. So there's the source of that issue.


            I'll still have to work on finding the solution to getting "blotchless" video through Vimeo (or maybe I should try another browser?), as I have still noticed some of that.


            I'll post again if I find anything new.