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    can't see any videos in any browser


      I am having this issue for over a month or two now, i can't play any videos on any browser, i tried firefox, then IE , then chrome, i re-installed all of them, updated flash, updated real player, downgraded flash , cleared browsing history,disable hardware acceleration, everything that i could do, but didnt get the issue solved, whenever i open a video on youtube or even dailymotion, the browser would start browsing but then everything would stop and i'd see a black screen , and when i right click on the video , instead of the usual drop down menu of flash... i get other menu with options like " inspect element" , "save" e.tc. please anyone could help ??? btw i have windows x.p , FF 17.0.1, flash 11.5 updated java, installed real player and updated it too ...,,