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    Master form data into sub-forms



      I am new to Adobe Livecycle and searching new ways to create forms in a user friendly representation. At this point I have created many forms under one folder named as "Master form". It contains about 13 different forms. These forms are created for Hospital use.


      These forms include Discharge summary, Patient record, Lab Report, Special test and go on. Totally 13 different forms. But each form contains some of the options which are found in remaining forms, like "name", "age", "address" and so on.


      Now if I want to enter a new patient record , I have to enter his name, age and address for all 13 forms.

      Can I avoid this? By making a master page in which If I enter name, age and address, then all these components are filled by default in other forms also?

      If anybody came across such situation please guide me how to solve this? Thanx in advance!!!!!

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          Josh Geurian Level 2

          I have had this problem with my job. Unless you are using some type of server application to gather the data, linking to other forms is not possible (as far as I understand). I had a similar problem and what I did was merge all of the documents into 1 document and set them to hidden. My master page had the person's contact information and then a series of checkboxes for the forms that should be visible. The user enters the information on the first page and then checks the box for what form they want. With the Global binding set, the fields in the forms should pull their data from the master form.