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    Textfield content invisible

    shasimo Level 1

      This is strange... suddenly all my textfields are not showing, and this is happening in all my files. I must have turned something on/off in the Flash settings, but I don't know what?
      I'm using CS6 - can anyone help me?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there's no such setting.


          test with static textfields and with textfields with a border.


          if the problem persists with all textfields and you cannot see a border, close flash and restart it.  if the problem persists even with new files, restart your computer and retest.

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            shasimo Level 1

            Thanks for the answer.

            I tried all that you suggest, but it doesn't help. Static textfields works, but not my dynamic textfields.

            It seems that the problem is partly to do with what font I choose to embed, and suddenly Adobe Type fonts, that I have been using for a looong time in several files, will not show.

            So of course I thought that Adobe Type fonts were deprecated, but when I use the most common font, Arial, it's also invisible, but a few open type fonts works... strange...?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              start with a new fla.  create a dynamic textfield, embed Arial font, assign your textfield an instance name (eg, tf) and in the actions panel use:


              tf.text="this is a test";


              // any problem?  if yes, upload that fla to a server and post a link.

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                Are you on windows? Last night all my computers had a windows updates come down and intall atuomatic & when the pc restarted. Tons of fonts appeared as invisisble. basicly same thing happening to me. I asked my co-worker to open his project file and same thing for him. So we both systenm restored out pcs to before the critical update last night... by useing the windows system restore option in win7 and it fixed it. i can now see my fonts again. so i would sugest rolling back the crtial update that came out last night from M$ and screwed us all using Flash. Then set your machine to notify but not install updates from windows. hopefully M$ will relaese another update that will fix this...
                Big Daddy Fink


                to roll back wondows update with system restore option in windows 7 - goto start search bar, type in system restore.. you will see it appear at top of list.. click it.. on left.. chose system retore point..

                be sure to save you work so you dont loose andthing in the restore

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                  shasimo Level 1

                  I did this in both an AS2 and AS3 file, and had no problems.

                  So why this suddenly happens in all my old AS2 files, I don't understand. When I worked with some of the files yesterday, everything was working. Today my embedded font LinotypeUniverse (and a lot of other fonts) wont show in neither the fla or the swf. I used Franklin Gothic instead, but it looks different in the fla than in the swf. Still, it works, so I guess I have to leave it at that...

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                    BigDaddyFink01 Level 1

                    like I said in my reply. Its not a flash issue. Its a windows update that messed it up.I rolled back my system to last 12-11-12 and all my fonts appaer normally as they should. my co-work was having the same issuse this morning.. we both rolled back to before the crital update form M$ last night.. and flash is now seeing the fonts like normal.

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                      shasimo Level 1

                      @ BigDaddyFink01: I didn't see your message before posting last


                      Yes I'm on Windows, and this morning it was updated by me, because I allways want to see what goes into my system. How was I to know it would corrupt my fla files? What a mess, but thank you for the information. Unfortunately I can not get my systemrestore to work on this computer, and now is the time, where I should punch myself for not solving this issue in due time

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                        I read through microsoft's descriptions of the recent updates, and found one that involved fonts.  The update that's causing the problem is KB2753842.


                        You can reinstall all the other updates, just make sure not to install KB2753842.  Or you can install everything, and then manually uninstall KB2753842 like I did.  Go to:

                        Control Panel > Windows Update > View update history > Intalled Updates


                        and right click to uninstall individual updates.  Restart, then you can go to Windows Update again, and look at the list of new updates to install.  You'll see KB2753842 pops up again.  Right click it and select Hide Update so you don't accidentally install it again next week when there's a bunch more.

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                          shasimo Level 1

                          Great Thanks a lot!

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                            Thanks a lot for this, I had the same problem and it solved half of it.

                            The fonts were then visible, but looked all the same, like a system font.

                            So I also uninstalled the other "Update for Microsoft Windows" that came with the KB2753842 : it should be the KB2779562.

                            Only then could the fonts appear the right way in Flash.

                            I hope this helps some other people...

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                              I had the same problem as well and thanks to the solution by eigenface managed to solve it! Thanks alot!

                              This should be fixed by Windows...

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                                I am having the same problem  - invisible fonts.  I have checked but this update number is not listed on my list of installed updates and for some reason, system restore can not complete.  Should I just go through and delete all of the updates from 12/12 by hand?

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                                  jg716 Level 1

                                  @pjy4ses - There's a couple KB numbers floating around... did you check for this one KB2753842?

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                                    pjy4ses Level 1

                                    Yes, but it does not appear in the list.  Talking to a "flash" friend, he thinks

                                    it might be a corrupted font.  I can change the font and it will show up, but if

                                    I use the original font Myriad Pro, it becomes invisible again.

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                                      jg716 Level 1

                                      hmm...  what you describe is exactly what I was experiencing.  Had a font "Coolvetica" in a project.  I loaded the project and the text fields shows nothing.  Changed to Arial and the text appeared.  Changed back to Coolvetica and it would disappear again.  Seems to only affect certain fonts.


                                      If you run Windows Update, does it show any critical updates (including KB2753842)?  I would think if your system isn't showing it as installed, then it should appear in this list.

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                                        pjy4ses Level 1

                                        Does not show up in that list either.  I tried to restore to an earlier date,

                                        but it is not successful.  I have to get this font back...it's imperative.  I

                                        have an application (knitting stitch library) that has monthly new stitch

                                        subscription service (iTunes for knitters) and all of the 300 + patterns in the

                                        library use this font...it will look awful if I have to change it...this is

                                        really panic time for me.

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                                          pjy4ses Level 1

                                          Do you think if I hand delete all of the updates, I might get this restored?

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                                            Okay, so while it's nice to know the cause, "just revert and never install another update ever again" isn't really a solution. Does anyone know if there is a MS or Adobe update coming to fix this issue?

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                                              pjy4ses Level 1

                                              Does anyone know the email address to send complaints to at Adobe or MS

                                              concerning this? I'll certainly contact them...this is a disaster for my


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                                                eigenface Level 1

                                                You don't have to revert or stop installing updates, just locate, uninstall, and hide the individual update that's causing the problem.  On my system (win7 x64), it was KB2753842, but it could be different on XP or win8.  Look up the descriptions of the updates that were installed since the last time you had normal font behavior, and uninstall anything that has to do with fonts one by one until you have normal font behavior again.  Then if you really want, go back through and reinstall them one by one until you get bad font behavior, to isolate the one causing the problem, although it's possible more than one update is involved and then you've got a combinatorial problem.  Luckily, I only had to go through 2 font-related updates before I found the problem.

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                                                  jg716 Level 1

                                                  @pjy4ses...  not sure how to hand uninstall such an update.  Possibly there is a "cleaner" type app out their that could help.  I looked at CCleaner, but it doesn't handle Windows updates.


                                                  Know anyone with a Mac and Flash?  This seems to be a Windows only issue.  *** Actually all you need is someone who isn't having the issue ***


                                                  I'm just a user like you, but I would think the resolution would have to come from Microsoft - seems to affect the default windows handling of certain fonts (Type 1 from what I read).


                                                  A quick google search shows how wide spread the issues is - CorelDraw, Quark and others are also affected.


                                                  Sorry you're in a bind - wish I could help more.

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                                                    pjy4ses Level 1

                                                    Thanks - you've been a great help - at least I have a direction to move in. P.S.

                                                    you can uninstall each update individually in Windows 7...just not as easily as


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                                                      jg716 Level 1

                                                      Sorry - when you said hand delete, I thought you were going after the actual files.


                                                      Since you indicated Windows 7, a couple more things to try...


                                                      1) In the Control Panel/Programs and Features/Installed Updates, try to search for the KB2753842 in the "Search Installed Updates" up in the top-right of the Window.


                                                      If you still can't find it...


                                                      2) Sort the update list by installed on.  Scroll through the list and find the group that is called Microsoft Updates.  Now uninstall any update with a installed on date > 12/11/2012.

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                                                        pjy4ses Level 1

                                                        thanks - I will try that...did not see "search", but then I usually don't try to

                                                        fix my own computer - I'm muchbetter at knitting

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                                                          pjy4ses Level 1

                                                          Just have to tell you - you saved the day!!!  Was finally able to find the

                                                          update with your tip on the search feature and my fonts are restored - you are

                                                          my hero/heroin for the day/week/month!!!

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                                                            jg716 Level 1

                                                            Glad I could help.  At some point you'll want to do as eigenface suggests.  Run Windows Update manually, this update should now appear as a new update.  Right-click on it and say hide update.  This will ensure Windows Update doesn't reinstall it.

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                                                              pjy4ses Level 1

                                                              I will do that right now - and again thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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                                                                OK it appears that is a video driver issue, we have narrowed it down to NVIDEO. Wll post more once we run driver updates. We used the UNINSTALL Windows method and that worked until you turned off the box than it re-installs. So that solution is only temporary.

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                                                                  Hi there.

                                                                  I'm on Windows7, 64bit, Home Premium.

                                                                  Installing the latest drivers for my NVDIA graphics card didn't help for me.

                                                                  Also the only program affected is flash and also only PostScript fonts are affected. Open type fonts & True Type fonts works without any problems.

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                                                                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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                                                                      WideC Level 1

                                                                      Yes I will do that kglad.

                                                                      It's just that I see that as a temporary solution.

                                                                      Now that I've looked around the web I've found that tons of other programs have these problems as well.

                                                                      Among them Microsoft's very own Office suite - how embarassing for them...

                                                                      I suspect that MS will release a new update soon.

                                                                      I should also correct that some Open Type fonts (with PostScript outlines) also are affected...

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                                                                        SuhasYogin Adobe Employee

                                                                        Hello everyone,


                                                                        Please read this TechNote for information on how this issue can be fixed.



                                                                        Suhas Yogin

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