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    Jagged edges on some text in all view modes


      Hi there,


      I'm very new to InDesign and have trauled this forum for an answer to my question and tried lots of fixes but to no avail.


      I have an 8 Page A5 document which I am working on and all was fine until yesterday. Any text I now create on a certain 2 page spread has a slight jagged edge around it, even when zoomed to 100%. When exported in PDF it is smooth again, but it just doesn't look very good when working on the document. All other text still is smooth.


      I have anti alias on and high quality display performace switched on. The same happens in preview mode.


      The first image of the same text is on the affected page and the second in on an unaffected page at the same zoom, 200%. You can see how much more jagged the first is. I have tried placing the text in it;s own separate layer on top of the other layers as suggested in other threads and I have made my display driver is up to date, which it is.


      Any ideas?