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    Disable / remove web app autoresponder


      Hi guys,


      Has anyone managed to disable / remove the web app autoresponder after setting it up?


      Before you add content to the autoresponder and save it, nothing is sent to the user after submitting or editing a web app item, but as soon as you save the autoresponder with some content it starts sending this out for you.


      The usual method for suppressing autoresponders - '&SAR=False' in the - form action string does not work for Web Apps and this has been confirmed in the forums previously by Mario (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4476060?tstart=0)


      I've tried to delete the content from the autoresponder in Web App settings and save it blank to revent back to the default functionality before it has been created, but the admin console pops up with a little error flash in the corner telling you:


      'Auto responder email cannot be empty. Please provide email content to send to customers when they fill in this web form.'


      If I leave the From Address, Name and Subject fields blank and just 'nbsp;' in the content field HTML view, I get a blank email from 'Adobe Business Catalyst' sent out when items are created or edited.


      Has anyone had the same issue and found a solution for this?


      It is a live site (not in development) and there are a number of web app layout templates set up, several different modules throughout the site and a large amount of client side scripts that work in tandum with the Web App to provide the client with the functionality required, so rebuilding the Web App from scratch and ensuring that the autoresponder field is left blank is not really feasible - despite currently appearing to be my only option.


      Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks,



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          sce8spa Level 1

          i have exactly the same problem. Talking to support but they are useless.. Just searching the forums and sending me links to them.. What a waste of time.

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            Anyone actually manage to find a workaround to this? This is a fairly large system oversight if there really is no way to switch them off once you've created an autoresponder!

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              Adam (Logo Pogo) Level 3

              I had to plead with BC support to get them to turn the autoresponders off for some of my WebApps - which they eventually did - so it is possible for support to do it, but for some reason they are reluctant to do so.

              Submit a ticket and reference this ticket number (#152352) of mine and hopefully they'll help you out.

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                *Scatz* Level 1

                Thanks alot for that man, I have already been talking to support today after hours of forum trawling and apparently it's "absolutely impossible" . . .  I shal be speaking to them again shortly.

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                  Todd H&M Level 1

                  I was looking for the same solution, contacted support and was told to do the &SAR=False fix. (Even though I explained this thread already said it wasn't possible.) After messing with that for about 45 minutes I was told:


                  "Yes, unfortunately it is not working this request is already escalated to our Engineering team"


                  I asked what 'escalated' means as it's been 5 years since this forum thread was first published with this known bug. They didn't have a response other than to say to rebuild the WebApp and don't mess with the Auto Responder on future Web Apps. I tried to get them to reset the current Web App with the problem but they didn't even respond to that. It's now escalated to a case but I'm not hopeful.


                  This is frustrating. I get that BC engineers have a lot of priorities but some of this stuff needs to be taken care of. There needs to be at least two engineering teams working in parallel. One for the big initiatives (Liquid, Server maintenance, etc.) and one to fix these application bugs.

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                    Todd H&M Level 1

                    After about two weeks of back and forth with a BC case (234222) and being told it would be fixed. I'm now told it's a 'bug' that will be put on a list for engineers to review. No mention when or if this will be addressed just this:


                    We have confirmed it is an issue, and have created a bug in our internal bugtracker for our development team to investigate and resolve this.


                    The bug number is 4016106 for your reference.


                    Whilst I don’t have a firm date for this to be corrected, I have added your case number to the development bug logged and you can check if it was fixed on our System Updates forum - https://forums.adobe.com/community/business_catalyst/system_updates