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    Load Balancing "Decompressing images"?

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      I've been using Scout/Monocle for a while with the prerelease, so it's exciting to see a release version!


      One thing that's been on my mind is related to adapting to the information we're given by Scout. For example: I have a bunch of large images in MovieClips for menus for a game I'm working on for iOS. They're big because they're scaled for Retina. So whenever a new background image is loaded, I get a big hit on "Decompressing images". Makes total sense! However, is there some way to gracefully pre-cache/wait for this to happen without stuttering my UI animations? Workers seems like they could be a solution, but since they're not coming to AIR in the foreseeable future, not a solution here. Is there someway to force the assets to pre-cache without actually having them rendered on the display list? My memory is under control, so a hit there is preferable to a CPU hit.


      That's really just one example, but I have had many situations where something just takes a while to finish which causes a visual performance hit. Although I'd love more information on the above, I'm really curious if there are there some strategies to deal with these sorts of hiccups that impact UX without needing to redesign assets to "cover" it.