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    Animation frames, side by side saving


      Hey I was wondering if there was any quick way to save each animation frame right next to eachother in one large png in Photoshop CS6?

      For example, lets say I have an animation which has 10 frames, each frame being 100px x 100px, I want to be able to save the first frame in the first 100 x 100 enclousre of my canvas, the next frame in the next 100px, and so on and so on for the rest of the frames, resulting in a png which is 100px x 1000px at finish, having the first frame at the very left, and the final frame at the very right.. Is there any way to do this quickly? At the moment I'm moving each frame individually to the right by 100,200,300px however I need to do this for over 400 animations with varying dimensins, so it's a bit time consuming and I feel that I might lose track and enter a value wrong at some point. Also if anyone knows of anyother program that might achieve this in which I'm able to import Photoshop animations that can also work. Thats all, thanks

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          Free Tools liek XnView or IrfanView can create strip images/ tiled walls. Check those. Of course You will first have to render the animations to image sequences. Only Photoshop itself can use its animation data.



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            It sounds like in you animation each frame is a single layer not a composite of several layers. In the case there may be a couple of scripts the could help you do what you want or you could write one. If your layers stack is in frame order. Writing you own would best best, Only one would be needed. The two scripts are save layers to files and the second Paul's load files into a strip.  You may be able to modify Paul's Load images into strip to just process your layers stack.  If you don't know scripting you may be able to create an action to do one layer at a time. There may be a problem with alignment if each frame layer dosn't have at least one pixel on the right edge of the frame.  You would start using the action with the bottom layer in the stack targeted then just play it over and over till you have your strip,


            The action would be quite simple.

            Step 1 will add canvas the width of a frame to the right side of the document.  Canvas Size anchor point left center box, Relative checked and width set to frame width.

            Step 2 Select All. 

            Step 3 (ALT|OPT+]) target next layer higher in stack. 

            Step 4 menu layer>Align Layers to Selection>Right Edge. 


            You could also record a second action to play that action 100 time.  Just record one play stem and then dupe the step 100 times.