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    Jpeg's "date modified" isn't changing?


      Using CS5.5 / Win7 x64.


      We do a lot of stuff using smart objects - replacing logos etc. Load the template image, swap the logo, save a new PSD file with the new logo on it in case we need it again, then save a jpeg for the client.


      Oddly (and I think this has only started to happen since I've been working at home and saving onto a local drive on a laptop, rather than onto a server) the new PSD has today's date as its Date Modified, but the jpeg doesn't - it seems to use the original image's created date instead, which might be a few years ago in the case of some of the images. So when I'm attaching files to an email to send to the client, all the jpegs I want are all over the folder, instead of at the top with their associated PS files (sorted by date, newest first).


      Only a small niggle, but with the volume of images I'm having to do, it slows me down a lot, and I'm risking missing images. Is this a Windows thing, or some option in Photoshop I've overlooked somewhere?