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    Between Mac and PC designs being skewed?


      I am quite the beginner at photoshop, but I am trying to learn and I need some guidance please.  I am working with a company that I will be sending my designs to that uses photoshop 5.5 on a PC.  I am in search of a new laptop, and will be purchasing cs6.  If I were to buy a Mac would my designs be skewed being sent to the PC? or would I be better off to purchase a PC?  Any suggestions on a specific laptop?  Thank you!!!

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          charles badland Level 4

          There is absolutely no issue going between Mac and PC with images edited in Photoshop.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            If you DO go with a PC you might be better off with a desktop than a laptop for Photoshop use.  A.  Photoshop uses a system more aggressively than most applications, and B.  Laptops don't get as good display driver support because usually drivers have to come through the laptop maker vs. directly from the display adapter company.


            With Mac systems your drivers come through Apple anyway, so the B section above doesn't apply.


            In my humble opinion Apple generally makes better laptops (hardware/reliability wise) than any of the PC companies.  I hope I don't insult anyone who loves their PC laptop with this statement; it's just opinion.  Apple's prices are generally higher for similar performance to pay for that fact.