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    Indesign extremly slow (Mac Pro)


      Hi all,


      my InDesign is very slow since i have updated from CS 4 to CS 5.5.

      It seems to be pretty slow when i place some PDF into the .indd.

      Also in low-quality settings it was incredibly slow and the cpu-usage

      was far over 100%. How can this be?


      I have tested the System in 32 and 64bit-mode.


      System specs:

      Adobe CS 5.5 (latest updates)

      Mac Pro 3,1

      Dual-Quadcore 3 Ghz

      10 GB Ram

      NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT

      OS X 10.6.8 (latest upates)


      I hope there is a solution.

      InDesign is also pretty slow on my PC.



      Ati HD-7950



      I have changed one settings now in InDesign.

      While moving an object i cant see the content now

      in real-time. This is a performance gain.

      But i still wonder how bad the InDesign-engine is.

      While my computer is able to render a complex

      3D-scene in an amazing fps-count, InDesign

      has huge cpu-load with some flat 2d stuff.

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          INDD 5.5 is also very sluggish on my brand new MacPro (purchased mid 2012)


          2.8Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

          11GB 1066 Mhz DDR3 RAM

          ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB

          OS X 10.7.5


          Even on "Typical Display Setting" moving objects, expanding object/text boxes, rotating is lethargic and cumbersome.

          AI and PS don't seem to be experiencing this issue; just ID.


          Did CS6 upgrade solved this issue for anyone with a similar machine?

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            Same thing here.

            I run Indesign CC on both an early MacBook Pro 2009 (8 Go RAM) et a Mac Pro early 2008 (Mac Pro 3.1) with 16 Go RAM, NVidia 8800 GT and a Samsung 930 SSD. Performance has dramatically decreased over CS6. Text selection is very slow. The longer you use Indesign CC, the worse it gets. At a certain point, I have to quit ID CC and relaunch it to be able to "work" again.

            I thought it could come from Suitcas Fusion 5 (which I'm waiting for the Mavericks update) but the problem is the same, whether Suitcase is launched or not.

            Hope Adobe will fix this problem soon because it's very hard to be productive in this situation.
            I'm running version 9.1 of ID CC too.

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              Rik Ramsay Level 4

              The speed of the application can be related to many things, including:

              • RAM
              • Live pre-flight running
              • Live spell check running
              • Display set to High
              • Other applications running
              • OS


              You mention waiting for an update for Mavericks - there are already a few threads in this forum about issues with Mavericks - check them out.