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    Job Type drop down menu missing something...

    Lady Cygnus Level 1

      This is a bit of a "what's up with that" question and not serious, but it bugs me.


      If you choose "yes" to "Help Improve Adobe's Products" (and I also think it's also in the registration for the product) you are presented with a bunch of drop down menus with basic information: Job Type, Organization Size, Organization Type, Location. Yet, the job type menu does not have my job - Publisher or even Designer (Publisher) - I went with Software Engineer which isn't completely off base since I specialize in publishing techology.


      Now, I'm used to other software products not having this, but this is for InDesign. Maybe I'm just not thinking about this right, but shouldn't a publishing software have the job type "publisher" in the drop down menu? It seems basic common sense, unless they think that people actually involved in publishing technology wouldn't use InDesign.