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    Delay loading of assets (efficiency management)

    SteveGuluk Level 1


      Is there the means to load assets just before their used on the Stage?


      For instance if you have a slideshow with 5-10 image presentations, is there a way for Edge to load the first Slide first then display and be downloading the second slide image while animating the first, then move to the 3rd for download when the second is complete and so on...


      Or do all assets need to be downloaded before the  preloader allows moving to the first frame of a stage animation?


      Anyone sort this logic yet?


      Is there no way to call / load an asset based on the timeline position? For instance, load initial 2 slides and then issue a call to load the 3rd slide (off stage) as soon as slide 2 animates to the stage. Same with calling slide 4 when slide 3 animates into position on the stage....