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    writing an if-then statement

    drsqueegee Level 1

      I would like to write an if-then statement that would hide an element (image of a pause button) when the main timeline is stopped. I have a play forward button that when pressed will switch to a pause button. The same happens for the play reverse button. This way the buttons are like toggles...press once it plays and press again and it stops. I have this working fine, but there are several stop triggers throughout the timeline, and when the animation is stopped my pause/play button will still be in the pause button mode, thus a user will not be able to restart the animation. There are too many of these stop triggers to make it practical to add a hide command to each to hide the pause button (thus making the play button underneath accessable), so what I would love is if I could write a statement that would hide both pause buttons whenever the timeline is not running.


      I need to know the correct way to write the code and where to put it.


      Thanks in advance,