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    Design question on number of pages in a site ?

    brwest Level 1

      Hi ,


      I am exploring CQ 5 and i am trying to model a typical site  using CQ5.   I have a a slideshow page , in which the main module is something which will be primarily authored by the editors,  the remaining content on the page like the Right column of the page  and couple of modules in the center column can be automatically populated based on lets say some attributes of the slideshow module on the page.


      Question i have is , do the editors have to create individual slide show pages for all the slideshows they want to show on the site ? example url for these pages can be like






      All the pages will be using the same template .


      If we create individual pages for all the above url , then it will be 3 pages.  Wondering if we can just create one page and manage this kind of urls, in which the slideshow can be configured.


      Appreciate your help.


      Thank you