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    disappointed about the support


      i am very disappointed about the photoshop support, i bought software for more than 1000€ and thats the official support?


      No german support, no phone support, no mail support, thats not serious!


      Chatsupport: the chat dont offer support for questions like this, use the forum

      Phone: we can not help you, use the forum


      Forum: asked a question some days ago, dont received a solution, today i made a video from my problem to make it a bit more clear. Now i cant find my old post anymore, my forum history is empty, the forum search function is not able to find ma post, anyway the forum is not comfortable at all.


      The funniest of all is that i invested some years ago a lot of time with a chinese support agent (Adobe had mailsupport ohh) and promised me a patch. Now i am on CS5 and the problem still exists :/


      Maybe someone can help me to find my old post than i can add the video.