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    Transparent Canvas


      How do I get rid of the white canvas area. I want the logo to float and take on any back ground color/ texture.

      I built the logo in Fireworks  and trying to use in Muse.

      In FW I went to Modify > Canvas > Color > Transparent. Saved it as a gif. On the FW screen the white canvas turned into white and grey checkers. When i load up in Muse I get the white.

      Or am I going at this completely wrong . Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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          groove25 Level 4

          You're on the right track. First, understand that the white-and-grey checkerboard pattern signifies transparency within Fireworks. So you've successfully set the canvas to have a transparent background.


          The next trick is preserving that transparency when you export the graphic. You have a couple options here: GIF with index transparency (and a matte color), PNG-8 with alpha transparency, or PNG32. It looks like your logo contains just a few colors (cyan and brown) and that it's placed against a flat, deep orange background. So any of these options should work for you. For web, I think I'd recommend the GIF or PNG-8, as they're indexed color formats and should work well with background colors defined via CSS. However, PNG32 should also work quite well here.


          To export a graphic, I like using File > Image Preview. When choosing GIF, be sure to select the Index Transparency option (beneath the color table) and enter the appropriate hex code value of your orange background into the Matte color. If choosing PNG-8, select the Alpha Transparency option; in this case, there's no need to define a Matte color, which makes the logo graphic a bit more robust and flexible—you could place it against a more complex background if you want, or change the background color at a later time without the need to re-export the graphic with a new Matte color.