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    Premiere CS6 What to do with the Match Sequence Settings MPEG?

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      Premiere does not seem to handle long exports, meaning, videos that are over an hour.   The only way I can get an export with a decent turnaround is to export using the Match Sequence Settings tab.  After the export I can preview the file, but I cannot convert it.   How do I convert this 22GB file for youtube?  H.264, etc, I have tried and failed.  Even Adobe Media Composer exports it with audio but no video. What gives?

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          Premiere handles long exports just fine. If not on your system, then something is messed up there.


          Don't use "Match Sequence", just choose "H.264" for the Format, and for Preset choose "YouTube 720p".


          I haven't uploaded anything longer than maybe 10 minutes to YouTube and I know they used to have some time and/or file size limits and those recently changed, but up to you to check that before you spend a lot of encoding time only to find they won't accept it, maybe needs to be cut into parts.


          By the way, what is the video source format, and editing Sequence settings used in Premiere?




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