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    I can't edit the audio of my movies

    Jeno 340

      I'm a noob at Adobe Premier so I don't really know much about the technical speak that is used with this program.


      I am going through some learning CDs for this software and I decided to give a shot at putting together some of my own videos.


      One thing I have noticed is that my clips don't seem to have an "audio" track on the workflow (I think it is called the workflow where you rearrange your movies and make edits and stuff).


      adobe premier.png

      Here is a picture to show you what I mean. The two videos towards the right came with my learning software and they have a space on the "Audio 1" but my videos do not. (they do have sound though)


      I took my videos using the video feature on a typical digital camera and they are AVI format. Do AVI files not have an audio portion that I can edit in premier pro?


      How can I get my videos so that they have an audio portion on the workflow as well? (that way I can do shots where I can have the audio of one video playing while the video portion of another clip is playing).


      Thanks in advance.