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    need help with mixing pixel heights and percentages with div heights

    Johnny the boy Level 1

      I have a website http://webtest.iu.edu/~iutreas/index.html


      Currently on high resolutions the footer is getting taller to fill the extra pixels space.  This is not what I want.  I want to limit the footer height to roughly the same height as the header banner (60 pixels).  I have set a max-height of 60 pixels for the footer but still the height will exceed 60 pixels on high resolutions.


      I would instead like the outerWrapperBackground div (which is the tan color) to eat up extra space on higher resolutions.  I am a little unsure what I should do.  Should I try to make my div heights all percentages?  Is that a bad idea?  Can I successfully mix percentage div heights with pixel div heights?


      Let me know if I am going off in the wrong direction.