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    hidden contents in the fla file?


      Hi, i am new to FLASH. i just started learning. I downloaded a flash animated banner. It has both .swf and .fla files. i open the fla file with FLASH CS5. the timeline of the banner only goes to  55. when i just play the file,( Control -> Play), it banner only lasts for 3 seconds. but when i  play it in "Test Movie" mode, it lasts like 7 seconds, there are more texts and graphic pops out in the banner that i dont see them on the Stage. maybe they are all hidden or something? is so, how can i show the remaining contents in that banner so i can edit them?


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          From your description it sounds like you have either one or more movieclips that play or there is some actionscript that runs some animation. It's impossible to know without seeing the actual file. If you look at the timeline, you should see one or more layers that contain keyframes. Keyframes are indicated by the black dots in the frame. If you select any given keyframe in the timeline, you should see the corresponding object or objects on the stage highlighted that are referenced in that keyframe in that layer. If you select any one of those objects on the stage, you will see information about it in the Properties window. If you find a movieClip, you can double click on that object on the stage. It will open its own timeline. Do you see anything like that?