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    RAM allocation per CPU




      I have just upgraded to 18Gb memory and have been adjusting the allocation per CPU.  Its a 4 Core hyperthreaded CPU.


      I can set the following CPU cores and RAM per core, with the following render times on a composition


      3 x CPU @ 3Gb ea = 9Gb total  20 Min

      4 x CPU @ 3Gb ea = 12Gb total  <<<AE wont let this happen

      5 x CPU @ 2Gb ea = 10Gb total (not tested)

      6 x CPU @ 2Gb ea = 12Gb total   16 Min

      7 x CPU @ 1.5Gb ea = 10.5Gb total (not tested)

      8 x CPU @ 1.5Gb ea = 12Gb total   18 Min


      I want to reserve 4 CPU's for other application (ie. set it so only physical cores are used) and assign 3Gb per core, giving 12Gb however the software wont give me this option.


      Why does it allow me to assign upto 12Gb with 6 and 8 cores, but not 12Gb with 4 cores.  I would beleive this is the optimal solution for best rendering times.


      I have closed all non-essentail applications such that windows is running before AE is loaded at only 1.5Gb memory usage.


      Furthermore, is there a registry setting or some other "unofficail" change which can be made which reserves less RAM for other applications (AE is setting 3Gb for other, and leaving 15Gb for itsself).   Most of the times, eveything i do is within AE so no external plug-in's need to use RAM.   If that need arose, i would adjust this.


      Is it possible to perhaps by the same or similar method, adjust the steps of assigning RAM per core so i could have, for example, 2.5Gb per core.


      Thanks for any help you cna give