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    Problem with 11.5 upgrade


      I want to see how I can update my MX2004 files to 11.5 but am having some problems creating an 11.5 projector.


      As a test procedure I have taken an MX 2004 Director file and opened it in MX 11.5 and then saved it as an MX 11.5 file.  Then I opened the 11.5 file in MX 11.5 to see if I could make a projector of the file that would function on current operating systems. On age 458 of director_11.5_help.pdf it describes how to do that.


      So in the Publish Settings window I clicked on Formats with Publish options for both Windows(with an exe extension) and Macintosh(with an app extension) BUT NEITHER WAS CLICKABLE.  I could click on Shockwave, HTML and Image file but not the ones I wanted. 


      So what do I need to do to create crsoo platform projectors of my MX files?


      By the way I was able to solve my earlier QuickTime movie problem which makes movies cross platform with a control bar at the bottom of the video.

      1. double click on the movie needing conversion

      2. Go to FILE/EXPORT and click OPTIONS.

      3. Choose H.264 compression type and sliders/options-BEST

      4. Encoding mode:multi pass

      5. To include a control bar

        a. choose Window/Show Movie properties

        b. select movie and click Presentation

        c. Choose Movie Controller from Movie Controller Type pop up menu

        d. Save movie



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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Are you using the trial version of 11.5? Have you used the Help menu to check for (and install) updates? When you type

          put _system.environmentProplist
           -- [#shockMachine: 0, #shockMachineVersion: "", #platform: "Windows,32", #runMode: "Author", #colorDepth: 32, #internetConnected: #online, #uiLanguage: "English", #osLanguage: "English", #productBuildVersion: "629", #productVersion: "11.5.9", #osVersion: "Windows Vista,6,1,148,2,Service Pack 1", #directXVersion: "9.0", #licenseType: "Full", #trialTime: 0]

          into your message window, what do you see returned for #productVersion and #productBuildVersion?