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    Cp6 - Creating a TOC button (without Flash widget)

    SeatacDoug Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I am working on a elearning template that doesn't use a time slider bar so, navigation is done through the use of back/next buttons.


      I am also employing the Captivate TOC as a overlay. The problem I am having is that the default trigger to open the TOC is not only intrusive in it's default top-left corner location (affecting our branding), it is also a potential source of confusion for learners (to find it).


      Apparently, there is a way to implement a TOC button on the master slide (without using a widget) in Captivate 6. Can someone please tell me how this is accomplished?



      ---------------- FLASH WIDGET IS A LAST RESORT

      As a last resort, I will consider a Flash widget for now. Apparently, there is a good one here: http://www.cpguru.com/toc-button-widget-for-adobe-captivate/


      The problems:

      1) We want to avoid Flash, if possible, because our elearning content will eventually need to be outputted as HTML 5.

      2) CPUGURU's widget source is not available and it is not in AS3 code (AFAIK). We will need the source for further customization.




      Does anyone know how to open and close the TOC without a Flash widget?


      Thank you,