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    How to install Scout in Enligh?

    iojeirg Level 1



      I have a French OS (Windows 7 Pro), and wish to install Scout in English. The installer seems to check for the language of the OS instead letting me to choose.


      Sadly, I can't change the language of my OS...



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          Mark E. Shepherd Adobe Employee

          If the OS is Japanese, Chinese, French, or English, Scout uses the language of the OS, otherwise it will use English. We don't provide a way to make it use a different language.


          Mark Shepherd

          Scout Engineering

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            John Blackburne Level 1

            This has happened to me: the app is running in Chinese, in particular simplified Chinese. But the OS is running in English, every other app is English.


            In detail I'm on Mac OS X 10.9.4, a relatively recent reinstall on a Mac mini. The OS does fully support Chinese, and it's the second language after English in my preferences, as well as the other option in the keyboard menu.


            Ah, found how to fix it. The language order in my preferences was


            British English

            Chinese (Simplified)




            Seems Scout doesn't recognise British English as English and so goes for the second entry on the list. Swapping the order of the second and third entries, so English is above Chinese (Simplified), and relaunching fixes it. You could consider this a bug report as it should recognise that British English is English – every other app does.