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    Can I edit the system file Manifest.XML in Word for Windows? (there's a reason for doing this)


      I renamed a file directory containing several PDFs. Consequently, Adobe Digital Editions says these files are missing when I try to open them and look at notes I made. There seems to be an obvious solution, but I'm unfamiliar with XML and don't want to screw things up. The file locations and a lot of other information for Digital Editions is in an XML file called Manifest. If I can edit the XML file to show the correct directory, I expect I'd be able to see these files and recover my notes. I'm unsure what Word for Windows may do (e.g., add or delete characters) when I edit and save the new Manifest.  That might corrupt the Manifest and be extremely counterproductive.


      Is editing the file locations in Word for Windows safe, so long as Digital Editions isn't open when I do my editing?