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    How can I prevent Photoshop CS6 from hanging when printing, on Win7?


      I recently upgraded to CS6 and I find that Photoshop hangs whenever I attempt to print or access the printer settings, in the print dialog in Photoshop. This occurs with both printers I've tried (Epson 7800 and my HP OfficeJet).


      PS CS5 seems to print fine, as does Word, Illustrator and inDesign CS5 or CS6. All programs have had all their updates installed.


      The Epson 7800 is network attached. I have the standard TCP/IP port configured with the LPR pass-through protocol, and I tried all settings of "enable advanced printing features", "enable bidirectional "and "printer isolation". And of course I've done the usual things of uninstalling and reinstalling and rebooting (Seemingly endlessly) both Photoshop and the printer driver. In the printer install methods tried were both Windows update add printer Wizard as well as the 6.5 driver installer downloaded off Epson's website.


      The failure in more detail happens two ways.:

      1. When using printer settings from the PS print dialogue, the application hangs on clicking OK on the printer settings dialog.

      2. When hitting PRINT on Photoshop's dialogue the application hangs, there's a spool file visible in spool/PRINTERS that is 0K long.


      At this point I feel the problems been isolated to Photoshop CS6. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to try next?