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    Cp6 - Ignoring slide(s) in the slide count?  "$$cpInfoSlideCount$$"

    SeatacDoug Level 1



      My template uses the last slide (or more) as help slides. These slides are only accessable by way of a HELP button.


      My issue is that I do not want these slides to be counted with the displayed value of the system variable "$$cpInfoSlideCount$$"


      How can I accomplish this?
      1) Either... by subtracting a known number... example 2 help pages so subtract 2 from $$cpInfoSlideCount$$.

      2) Or... Telling Captivate 6 to not count the help pages (but still display them upon request).

      3) Or... creating a custom variable, give it a value = $$cpInfoSlideCount$$ and subtract fixed value (i.e. 2). However, using this solution, that fixed value must be easy to change if the help slides grow or shrink.


      Thank you