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    output through Blackmagic card?

    scottwilliam01 Level 1

      I'm looking into the Blackmagic Ultra Studio card as aposed to outputting through an Open GL graphics card. Does anyone recommend another product? I'm only wanting it so i can correctly display colour and gamma i don't need it to record via SDI or HDMI. 

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

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            klfi Level 1

            I am using CS6 an BM Multibridge also only for preview (no chaptue) outout via SDI oder HDMI to a professional Monitor Sony OLED 2541 (SDI or HDMI).


            To use BM you need to open a own BM timeline which you can choose in CS6-Settings BM - properties. With standard CS6 timeline SDI output does not work.

            You should now:

            When you use effects in a CS6 standard timeline, somtimes rendering is not necessary (green line). When you use BM (in my case Multibride) + CS6 Effects/ColorCorrection (or RedGiant or others) rendering is VEVERY time necessary. If you dont use Effects/ColorCorrection rendering ist not necessary.

            A proper NLE helps in this case very much.


            Same for AE CS6.