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    output through Blackmagic card?


      I'm looking into the Blackmagic Ultra Studio card as aposed to outputting through an Open GL graphics card. Does anyone recommend another product? I'm only wanting it so i can correctly display colour and gamma i don't need it to record via SDI or HDMI. 

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

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            klfi Level 1

            I am using CS6 an BM Multibridge also only for preview (no chaptue) outout via SDI oder HDMI to a professional Monitor Sony OLED 2541 (SDI or HDMI).


            To use BM you need to open a own BM timeline which you can choose in CS6-Settings BM - properties. With standard CS6 timeline SDI output does not work.

            You should now:

            When you use effects in a CS6 standard timeline, somtimes rendering is not necessary (green line). When you use BM (in my case Multibride) + CS6 Effects/ColorCorrection (or RedGiant or others) rendering is VEVERY time necessary. If you dont use Effects/ColorCorrection rendering ist not necessary.

            A proper NLE helps in this case very much.


            Same for AE CS6.