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    Can I please speak to someone in the US for support?!?


      I have been dealing with this circle jerk of a nightmare that is Adobe's HORRIFFIC JOKE of a support system. 


      Adobe, if you have the balls to charge what you do for software, PLEASE stop cutting corners and being cheep with your technical support by outsourcing it to indians who barley speek english.  Its one thing to speek to somebody who has a slight language barrier and actually knows what they are talking about, its entirely different to speek to somebody who takes 8 tries to get my email address correct, and then procedes to have ZERO idea how to solve my creative cloud issue. 


      I have NEVER in my life felt so helpless with support. I have tried EVERY avenue that Adobe offers to NO avail! I still can't update my creative cloud software and I've been using it for months.  Good thing I had the fortune of having someone in my office help me get passed the activation nightmare which took me COUNTLESS hours on the phone with Adobe's indian support, where I got passed around and around to increasingly less informed people.


      I am going to be issuing a chargeback for what I have already spent on this joke of a product. I am also going to get my money back.  This has been the WORST experience I have ever dealt with for support.




      As a designer with over 15 years of experience, I used to defend you to people who thought it was justified to pirate your expensive software. Yes, you do make the best design software on the planet, but when your long time, loyal users are forced to speek to a third rate oursourced indian support system, we are left angry, frustrated, and utterly shocked!


      You, Adobe, should be ashamed of yourselves! 


      I now see why so many people pirate your software, I'm assuming there is far better support in that relm


      regretfully yours




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          ahreckon Level 1



          This is going on REDDIT, YOU WILL BE EXPOSED for the penny pinching anti-support-thugs that you are!!!



          http://www.reddit.com/r/CustomerService/comments/14rlb8/anyone_else_dealing_with_adobes_ni ghtmare_they/



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            Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

            I am sorry that you had a poor experience with customer support.


            These are your only two posts to this forum so this is the first I am aware of your problems. If you want to resolve them please contact me at kenrice@adobe.com.


            If you have already decided to quit I respect that decision.

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              ahreckon Level 1

              Oh great!! An email address!! Let me guess.. More sub par English translated solutions to problems that you can't fix?

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                Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                I have offered to help you and I will. Your decision.

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                  Lynda-S Level 4

                  This was an interesting post to come upon. I agree with you, ahreckon, on many points you brought up. I have had several terrible experiences with Adobe Support. I dread any time that I must contact support. More than not I start here, on the Adobe Forum, or other forums before I call them. Out of my past 5 phone calls to Adobe I spent several hours on the phone and was ready to scream after 4 of the 5 phone calls. Adobe needs to definitely work on support and improve. However, I have also had some outstanding support from both people in India and elsewhere. Ken, who offered to help here, has helped me with a few issues I have had and this forum would not be the same without him. Thank you Ken for your help to myself and the others I know you have helped.

                  A more recent experience, I was having issues with Creative Cloud. I spent a while on the phone with Adobe support to only be passed around and on hold forever. I then posted here with a rant of my own (see post here). I also asked for assistance. I had a person contact me. After trading a few emails we met on a Connect session. This person was able to help me and solve my problem. Also this person was from India.

                  I always recommend starting here on the forums and then I will try support chat before I have to call. (I have had a couple issues solved through chat before.)

                  Those are just my two cents and I do hope Adobe hears their customers and will improve support.

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                    ahreckon Level 1

                    Ken, I will email you today, thank you for reaching out. I think my initial reply to your email offer was a little uncalled for so I apologize about that, I am just beyond frustrated, its as if Creative Cloud was rolled out to the public without any R & D at all.




                    Thank you for sympathizing with me, I am going to give the email thing a shot. I'm glad I found the forum :-)

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                      I can undrestand the frustration of the other usesr regarding adobe customer support out sourced to India. And with all respect Ken, I am sure you are very aware of this very very bad customer support and the frustration it causes. I had the same problems as the others. It is very disappointing and at the end of the day we purchased an expensive professional software in the US from a US company. So please get us a US and well trained ( technical issues not customer torture ) support team.

                      Thanks so much



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                        I understand your frustration ahreckon. I spent half an hour on the phone with support and was passed onto 4 different teams only to be told they couldn't help me. The problem I'm having directly impacts the work I do and I'm at a total standstill with my job. I don't feel valued as a customer.

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                          grauenwölfe Level 1

                          Agree with OP 100%.


                          I'm sure some will cry "racism" or some other buzz word but it's nothing more than a language barrier coupled with a relatively unknowledgeable tech support team.


                          Adobe's tech support itself is basically worthless on the knowledge end of the product. The language/heavy accent + international connection is maddening. 50% of the conversation consists of "I'm sorry, can you repeat that" or "What?" by both parties.


                          Tech knowledge consists of suggestions of rebooting the computer (thanks), installing a number of different browsers (don't even know what to say or think about this tactic), uninstalling then reinstalling (this is fun Adobe! More multi GB downloads to play with and wait on, please!), and finally to install screen sharing software with someone random person from another part of the world with different privacy laws (Adobe...I love you).

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                            AtonMusic Level 2

                            I once tried the online support chat... It was a computer an NO human being portraying to be one...

                            It just kept asking generic questions - wanting to fool me into thinking I was in a chat... It was so stupid that we plan to do a screen cast of how adobe tricks their clients to think they talk to an actual individual.


                            Probably one of the most pathetic scams I have ever seen on the web !

                            Next to the release of Adobe CC !!!

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                              While I might not have to courage to scream out as did ahreckon and others, I have called 4-5 times in the last year and received horrible, uncaring support. I say uncaring beause I am convinced of the person's ability to read, write and speak in English language, but the proposed solutions are nothing more than idle guesswork.


                              Here is an example of a very simple issue that the support agent could not wrap their head around.


                              All I wanted was to know how I could deactiveate my CC on one laptop and activate it on my new laptop. Simple as I later learned.


                              Note the wait time, and then the time remining for me to contact support by phone in the end. Also note that I never got through to support. Music for an hour, then I hung up.


                              The exchange was humourously pathetic even from the first line...


                              info: All representatives are actively assisting other customers.  Your estimated wait time is 18 minute(s) and 9 second(s) or longer.  Thank you for your patience.

                              info: All representatives are actively assisting other customers.  Your estimated wait time is 18 minute(s) and 9 second(s) or longer.  Thank you for your patience.

                              info: All representatives are actively assisting other customers.  Your estimated wait time is 12 minute(s) and 57 second(s) or longer.  Thank you for your patience.

                              info: All representatives are actively assisting other customers.  Your estimated wait time is 9 minute(s) and 42 second(s) or longer.  Thank you for your patience.

                              info: All representatives are actively assisting other customers.  Your estimated wait time is 5 minute(s) and 17 second(s) or longer.  Thank you for your patience.


                              info: You are now chatting with 'Pavithra'

                              Pavithra: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!

                              Matt: huh?

                              Pavithra: Sorry for the last statement, that was not addressed to you, please continue.        

                              Pavithra: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

                              Matt: oh hi

                              Pavithra: Hi Matt.

                              Matt: I use a macbook pro

                              Matt: older one

                              Matt: now I bought a new one

                              Matt: same

                              Matt: macbook pro

                              Pavithra: I understand that you would like to know how to install the software on new computer. Is that correct?

                              Matt: yep

                              Matt: is it easy enough?

                              Matt: Pavithra is a cool name

                              Pavithra: Thank you Matt.

                              Pavithra: Thank you for confirming.

                              Pavithra: I will be glad to check and help you with this issue.

                              Pavithra: May I have the exact error message you are getting?

                              Matt: no error

                              Matt: just asking in advance

                              Matt: what are the steps?

                              Pavithra: Alright . Let me provide you the steps.

                              Matt: thanks!

                              Pavithra: You are welcome.

                              Pavithra: Click here to know more.

                              Matt: Changing product installation location in Adobe Application Manager?

                              Pavithra: Well in this case please contact our technical support team to fix your issue.

                              Matt: I have no issue to fix. This is an installation question.

                              Pavithra: This seems to be more of technical issue and Since I from Customer Support, In this case I will suggest you to contact our Specialized technical support team so that they would be able to resolve the issue better. I will provide you with the contact details for technical support team.

                              Pavithra: Please allow me a moment while I provide you with the contact details of technical team.

                              Matt: ok

                              Pavithra: Click here to view the contact details

                              Pavithra: Is there anything else I can help you with?

                              Matt: that link is not to tech suppport

                              Matt: that is a sales contact page

                              Pavithra: You can directly contact our technical team at 800-833-6687 between Monday to Friday, 5am to 7pm PST.

                              Matt: looks like I have 11 minutes

                              Matt: I guess I better hurry now.

                              Pavithra: Is there anything else I can help you with?

                              Matt: no thanks.

                              info: Your chat transcript will be sent to matt.lewis@live.com at the end of your chat.



                              Ahreckon and others have a point. Your products are awesome --- and very expensive. However, youe support channels are very lacking in professionaism.


                              What can I say? I have been your products for a full decade beyond that of ahrecken. That is 25 years. Adobe used to have a high standard of customer service excellence.


                              I digress and resort to my knowegebase.


                              -Matt Lewis

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                                AtonMusic Level 2



                                you were talking to a computer... Such like SIRI...


                                It was not a real person..


                                Had the same experience...


                                Shame on adobe for fooling their clients into thinking they are talking to a real person !

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                                  I also have to post about this. Horrific customer support!!!! I've been using Adobe for about 20 years and cannot believe how terrible it is. I tried online chatting 4 times. Got transferred twice, disconnected once and sent to an Acrobat "professional" instead of an InDesign professional which was clearly stated as the problem.


                                  One of the guys kept insisting that my files were corrupt when they clearly weren't...you can;t download and open corrupt files...


                                  I then tried to call, was told by a machine to give them my name so they can call me back and I won't "lose my place in line". They called back about 1.5 hours later and as I write this, I have been on hold for 25 minutes.


                                  What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                  It seems all of us know more than the customer support team ever will. I am still on hold...going to hang up and resort to forum help.

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                                    buccigraphic Level 2

                                    this chat with adobe 'tech' charu started at 2.

                                    a book i'm working on suddenly decided it could no longer be opened - as did several other indesign files.

                                    i went to adobe support and sent them the packaged file, complete with pdf used for proofing.

                                    they tell me a third party plug in has corrupted the book.

                                    Charu: Are you using any external plugins also?

                                    Adam Bucci: no

                                    Charu: The file is not opening on our end also and giving the same error message.

                                    Charu: It seems that there is some external plugin which you are using has got corrupted and that is not installed on our end also.

                                    Charu: That is why we both are getting same error message.

                                    there is no third party plugin. error message clearly states it to be an adobe plugin at fault.

                                    Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.34.04 PM.png

                                    and if they had read the instructions that get packaged with the file theyd have seen that

                                    Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.02.57 AM.png

                                    support person tells me a 'recovered' document has bee made and can be downloaded.

                                    Charu: I have recovered the file but you might have to make some changes in that as per your requirements.

                                    Charu: I am sending you back the package file.

                                    Adam Bucci: how did you get it to open?

                                    Adam Bucci: i have several other files that all display the same error message

                                    Charu: I recovered it through the PDF.

                                    Adam Bucci: and how do i go about doing that here?

                                    Charu: It is done through scripting.

                                    Adam Bucci: so, because of a plugin that i do not have installed for cc 2014 i have to re do all my work?

                                    so i download it.
                                    i open it.

                                    and find this

                                    Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 9.32.40 AM.png
                                    an 8.5 x 11 book with a bunch of placed pdfs in it. not even close to the original document set up, and most importantly, completely uneditable.
                                    the recovered book is just a new book with pdfs placed in it.
                                    i tell the tech this 'recovered' book is useless as i cannot make changes.

                                    Adam Bucci: I'm afraid this is absolutely of no use to me. i have to rebuild this book from scratch. i cannot make changes on placed pdfs

                                    Charu: The file is editable which I sent you.

                                    Charu: You can change the layout from document setup and then align the pages as well.

                                    Adam Bucci: i have changes to make to the copy and some photos. how do i do that? this file is useless, you sent me a file with a bunch of placed pdfs in it. i already have a pdf for this book.

                                    Adam Bucci: i need the original indesign document, with text i can edit and pictures i can move

                                    Charu: Did you choose the option "Include IDML" when creating package for the file? - there is no option to include IDML when packaging, thats an export option

                                    Charu: As I said that you can use the IDML file for that which I have included.

                                    i open the idml file the 'tech' tells me i can use to recover my work

                                    it looks like this

                                    Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 9.32.40 AM.png


                                    again its an 8.5 x 11 document with a bunch of placed pdfs inside it

                                    Adam Bucci: the idml file is exactly the same as the indesign file you sent in that its nothing but placed pdfs. utterly useless to me.

                                    Charu: Okay, let me forward your file to our senior level team and will try if it can be recovered or not.

                                    Charu: But this may take some time.

                                    Adam Bucci: this is supposed to be printed on monday morning my time. i have a long list of changes to make as well as extra pages to insert. i have, through no fault of my own, seen my weekend vanish as i rebuild this book in time for my client to approve all corrections and changes and for it to get to the press on time.

                                    Charu: I am forwarding the files, we will try our best to recover them

                                    Charu: At the moment it is the best I can do at the moment for you

                                    Charu: Sorry for the typing mistake

                                    Charu: It is the best I can do for you at the moment

                                    Adam Bucci: and how long will that take? i'm paying good money for cc 2014 and to have it wipe out many days of work is unacceptable

                                    Charu: We will let you know on Monday if we were able to recover the file

                                    Adam Bucci: monday is too late. i'm losing a lot of money if this does not go to press on time.

                                    Adam Bucci: could you transfer me to a senior level person who might know how to fix this?

                                    Charu: Unfortunately, we do not have any other option at the moment. I understand that

                                    Charu: you have lost considerable amount of work & time

                                    Adam Bucci: and money

                                    by this time, a couple of hours have passed and i'm getting a bit annoyed by their help

                                    Adam Bucci: so and please correct me if i'm wrong. it seems that a fault within indesign wiped out my current work and some past work. adobe's fix for that is to insert pdfs that in no way can be altered on pages of a new 8.5 x 11 document that adobe now calls a 'recovered' indesign file.

                                    Adam Bucci: adobe blames the incident on a corrupt third party extension even though none is installed or used.

                                    Adam Bucci: all this leaves the designer with the task of a. explaining to client why corrections will not be sent by days end, why book has to be rebuilt, and why the book will not be printed at the date and time specified.

                                    Adam Bucci: and there is no guarantee that won't happen again, because adobe doesn't know why it happened in the first place, even though an error message pointing out the problem is with an adobe plugin.

                                    Charu: we are still not sure why the document got corrupted

                                    Charu: we will try our best to recover the file

                                    Charu: But unfortunately we do not have anyone from the senior level available at the moment to take a look at the file

                                    What? no senior level technicians available? its 4pm on a friday. unless the united states got the afternoon off and i didn't hear of it, how on earth can adobe not have anyone quailfied at their support centre during US business hours?

                                    the 'tech' asks how many indesign docs i have that are inoperable

                                    Charu: How many files do you have with which you are facing this issue?

                                    Adam Bucci: at least 5, maybe more, i have to go through every file i've worked on since i started using indesign cc 2014 - more wasted time for me

                                    Charu: Do you remember any last action you took with these files?

                                    Charu: Any action that you had performed on these files last time?

                                    Charu: when they were openable?

                                    Adam Bucci: i saved them, then closed them.

                                    Charu: Did you install any OS updates recently?

                                    Adam Bucci: no. nothing has been altered on my mac. its just as i left it yesterday, the day before and the day before that.

                                    Adam Bucci: they were openable before noon today. after that indesign decided it did not want to open files it had opened earlier in the morning.


                                    the chat ends a few minutes later, it is now 4.42 pacific time. the lag between some responses from the tech exceeded 15 minutes

                                    it turns out there are about 17 indesign files - 10 of which were built with indesign cc 201 - that are suddenly useless - some of which haven't been opened in weeks.

                                    its utterly unacceptable that adobe has no technicians available during afternoon  business hours in the US.

                                    i have not heard back from their senior technicians.

                                    i cannot find any reason why at my end why indesign cc 2014 couldn't open these files.

                                    i'm paid through october 2015 with my 'subscription' and if i can expect this level of support  i'm seriously considering asking for a full refund. i lost my weekend, missed a couple of deadlines, and thankfully my client was understanding.

                                    so adobe, if you read these forums, i just want you to know your support service sucks. you're making a lot of money forcing everyone to subscribe and receive a bunch of software most will never ever use - i do print and web design, why on earth do i need premiere,after effects, prelude, scout or even speed grade? and i'm sitll waiting for a phone call from you guys as well as a report on whatever your senior lever technicians were able to do with my document

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                                      vickyvaughn Level 1

                                      Hi Ken,

                                      I saw your post to help someone else about the customer care and I have emailed in hopes you will get back to me, but am posting here too incase you can get me to someone quickly  that can help. I have been on the phone with “Sanchel”, that seems to be everyone’s name that I speak with in India, or wherever I am being transferred. I have been a loyal customer to Adobe for many years. I am a one man shop and need help now.

                                      I am using InDesign CC 2014. In the last week it started with one file, now it is all of my files. As I select on type to change the point size or the font itself, it jumps out of that filed so as I type the point size it actually changes my words instead of the type size. It doing that in every field. Even on the color pallet when I have that open and try to hit tab to change the mixes, it jumps, or flashes. It seems to flash all the time with something going on.


                                      I thought it was a font issue at first, but I have changed the fonts to only Open Type and it continued to do it.

                                      I reinstalled Suitcase Fusion. Didn’t help. Then went back to a lower version of Fusion, still happening.

                                      I reinstalled InDesign CC 2014. Still happening.

                                      I went to my laptop and no issues.

                                      I disconnected my external drives and still the same issue.

                                      I tried using InDesign CC. Same issue.

                                      I tried InDesign CS6 and it seems to work ok.


                                      I have huge deadlines and need help please.

                                      Can you please call me and help me out or send me to someone in the US that knows what they’re doing?

                                      Thank you


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                                        vickyvaughn Level 1

                                        By the way, I was transferred and put on hold, after being called back. Sent to two people who couldn't seem to help, then hung up on while he was "checking on something". Now I have been waiting for a call back that was supposed to be 2-4 minutes, for 30 now.

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                                          buccigraphic Level 2

                                          i'll be at photoshop world next week. the adobe ceo shantung narayen will be there. i think i'll print out this discussion and pass it on to him in person. hopefully i won't get kicked out of the conference.

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                                            vickyvaughn Level 1

                                            Excellent. I am still waiting on a call back, over 2 hours now. I also put this message in Chat and it said it was unavailable.

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                                              vickyvaughn Level 1

                                              I finally got a competent person at Adobe, Nicheal. It was Suitcase Fusion causing the issue. Yahoo.

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                                                Ottographix Level 1

                                                I thought I would amend my previous post a little...

                                                I have entered into 2 or 3 really bad chat sessions (see my post above)...and the phone support is obsolete.

                                                BUT...My last 6 or 7 interactions with Adobe Live Chat have been great.

                                                The people I got were very knowledgeable and quick to answer.

                                                I thought it was worth mentioning because things seem to have gotten better and I'm all for giving an "attaboy" when someone gets it right lol.

                                                I have noticed more good/bad rating options in support windows and survey requests.

                                                Maybe Adobe has made an effort to  work on their support.

                                                Here's hoping we all have good experiences in the future!

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                                                  I came to this page in rabid frustraton, saw an Adobe email in a reply, and have just sent a message to him.  Will it work?  I hope so - I'm just trying to get at the InDesign tutorial, and have spent 2 hrs running in circles - no way to get the tutorial going, no way to find help...

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                                                    I have been on the phone for 3 hours now with the morons at Abode.    I have  a subscription but can't use my products.   First and foremost the American English speaking people are sales people only.   Imagine that.    They wanted to sell me new products and have me then call billing to cancel my old products.   Good thing for me the American English speaking fools are just that ... stupid fools.   Of course I said no and I was glad I did because when I did speak to one of the idiots in billing, they confirmed my subscription was active and paid up on time ... but the rest was a complete nightmare --- 3 hours on the phone and not one of these widget sucking morons can fix my problem.   Good thing I work at a law firm.   I'm going to the bank in a few minutes and reporting Adobe for fraud, i.e., billing me for a product I do not have access too.   Then I'm contemplating filing a class action lawsuit because I'm positive I'm not the only victim of this scam .... already googled it and there are people all over who are subscribers who cannot get access to their Adobe products even though they can confirm they are active, paid up subscribers -- they get the line about re-subscribing and then canceling the old subscription, meanwhile Adobe charges a cancellation fee for the old account.    If you are in this same boat do not cancel your subscription with Adobe -- if you cannot gain access to your paid up subscription account -- go directly to your bank and claim fraud and cancel that way.   Then keep you eye on the internet for a class action suit to begin in 3-4 months.

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                                                      No!  You have offered to email which is NOT helping.  As others have stated, the inability to talk to a human being is absolutely insulting, infuriating, and moves us to look for another software program.

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                                                        Can I speak to you? I tried redeeming my Student version of creative cloud membership through the pre paid card. I spent $238 on these products and need them but when I tried redeeming the code it said that there was an error and that I needed to call tech support but I tried calling and I can't seem to even get one person on the phone.

                                                        • 26. Re: Can I please speak to someone in the US for support?!?

                                                          I have had several terrible experiences with customer service. They couldn't help me buy the program and when I was transferred I was hung up on after being on hold for 10 minutes. This happened twice. I gave up.


                                                          Is there a way to get a hold of anyone not 8000 miles away who knows how to fix account settings and change our subscription? We just want PS and LR ($10/month) but I accidentally signed up for the "group plan" which is much more expensive. I can't change my cc info (tried to switch to an expiring cc so it would cancel automatically) that didn't work. Then when trying to call no one understood what I was asking.


                                                          PLEASE HELP!!! I am not going to use profanity, however you can imagine I did after the second time customer "service" hung up on me...


                                                          Thank you, and I would be fine paying to speak with someone.

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                                                            Adobe is the worst, the very worst.  They suck. I hate it.  I'd curse the managers to their faces, but I know they wouldn't understand, because no one there speaks English, and I don't speak Hindi, so it's hell and I wish I'd never bought Photoshop in the first place.  I spent about 15-20 minutes writing up a detailed account of my dealings with them, and then they wiped it out.  Apparently the negative feedback was too severe.  Don't bother trying to call them.  Just get a heavy hammer and pound on your hand or elbow till you can't stand it anymore, and you'll have gotten the equivalent of a call to Adobe, and spared yourself an actual phone call.  It's about that useful.

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                                                              YESSSSSSS! Same here I'm dropping their products Can't get anyone for anything in US to speak with me.

                                                              • 29. Re: Can I please speak to someone in the US for support?!?

                                                                Yeay.  I was just on tech support for two hours.... They Jacked up my system worse than I started.  I want to sue. I probably just lost a client.  This is not the first time.  Seriously, does ANYONE in their support staff know ANYTHING about PR?  Final Cut, here I come.  I guess I will be learning a new system 'cause this ish is for ish.