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    Audio Problems

    Beast Overlord

      I just downloaded Premiere Pro a few days ago and am having problems with my video footage.

      I am running a Windows 7 Home Edition


      My video footage is taken from the screen recorded Bandicam and is labeled .avi

      The size is 960x540 (halfsize)


      My sequence settings are:

      960 x 540

      46785, 30.00 fps

      48000 Hz - Stereo


      Just to make sure my program isn't corrupted I uninstalled and reinstalled it.


      Here is a video of what is happening, it should explain much more that I can here:



      I'm sorry I'm new. I followed the tutorials and set up the sequence to match the footage like they said. I have no idea though why it can play fine and then when I source it for editing it gets messed up.