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    Eyedropper info no longer pixel perfect


      I have been using PS for many years.  Recently I switched from CS5 to using the Creative Cloud and CS6.  I am now having a problem when I use the eyedropper to sample a color for specific pixels.  The problem seems to be that the eyedropper is off/shifted  by a half pixel.  After playing with it, I have discovered that the shift is up and to the left one half pixel.  For example, if I have a single black pixel surrounded by white, zoomed all the way, and I hover over the top left corner of the pixel, I will get the RGB black info displayed and the sampling ring is black as well.  If I continue to move upward or to the left, now in the white space, the sampling ring changes to white, but the RGB info still shows black (0,0,0).  Moving the eyedropper below or to the right of the center of the black pixel, still shows the sampling ring as black, but the RGB info is white (255,255,255).  Any idea on what is happening here?  Here are my specs and steps I have performed so far:


      System: HP 8540W, 16GB RAM

      Video: Nvidia Quadro FX 880M, 1GB RAM

      OS: Windows 7, 64bit running at 1920 x 1080 Res


      Software: Photoshop CS6 from Creative Cloud


      I have disabled 'Use Graphics Processor' and that - no difference

      I have reset the photoshop settings file (SHIFT + CTRL + ALT) - no difference

      I have created a clean Windows user profile and launched PS fresh - no difference

      I have tried both 64bit and 32bit PS - no difference

      I have restored a previous image that I had just a couple a months ago with same video drivers but with PS CS5 installed and the problem does not occur.


      I attached a video to show what is happening.  Thanks!