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    Adobe PrPro has stopped working


      Asus p8h67m-pro

      core I5-2500k

      three std hard drive 250,250 320GB

      one 60GB SSD that has been alloted some page space

      running win7 64bit sp1


      I had PP cd5.552 loaded and working fine once had to reload OS a number of times till I arrived at the memory form as above.


      Problem is this: Start PP and the welcome dialog come up or I open the test program. After a time, it varies from 1:30 (90 sec) to 3:00min the screen goes bright, PP greyed out, and the message PP has stopped working. Close the program etc.


      Only other event I can point is difficulty I had with KB2505438, which is rather cryptic but does refer to programs that use direct write.


      This is first post so if I am in wrong area point me in the right direction.