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    Indesign Image capabilities?

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      Is there a way in ID to tag images? For instance, if I'm building layouts for an ipad, I then have to export the images in PS to save out for web and devices, 144dpi, etc. It would be nice if I could export the images at the exact size, rotation, etc. from ID to PS. It would also be nice if ID could let me tag the images so I know the picture box frame specs etc. Is there a way to do this or is there a plugin for this type of functionality? Any insight would be appreciated.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I've moved this to the scripting forum in hopes that someone here will have some ideas.

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            -hans- Level 4



            here's what I've once used to export cropped / masked images to JPG with. Added a labeling for the picContainer.

            Have a look if it pardly fits your needs...


            #target InDesign 
            // getested ID CS 5.5 
                //set to your wishes ...
                antiAlias = true; 
            embedColorProfile = false; 
            exportResolution = 144; 
            jpegColorSpace = JpegColorSpaceEnum.RGB; //JpegColorSpaceEnum.CMYK, JpegColorSpaceEnum.GRAY     r/w    One of RGB, CMYK or Gray 
            jpegQuality = JPEGOptionsQuality.HIGH; //JPEGOptionsQuality.MEDIUM, JPEGOptionsQuality.LOW, JPEGOptionsQuality.MAXIMUM     r/w    The compression quality. 
            jpegRenderingStyle = JPEGOptionsFormat.BASELINE_ENCODING; // JPEGOptionsFormat.PROGRESSIVE_ENCODING     r/w    The rendering style. 
            simulateOverprint = true; 
            var theDoc = app.activeDocument; 
            var docName = theDoc.name; 
            var docShortName = docName.replace(/.indd/, '') 
            var docPath = '' + theDoc.fullName; 
            var docContainerPath = docPath.replace(docName, '') 
            var destPath = docContainerPath + '/' + docShortName + '_jpgExport/' 
            if(Folder(destPath).create() != true){alert('Zielordner konnte nicht erstellt werden.'); exit()} 
            var theLinks = theDoc.links; 
            l = theLinks.length; 
            if(theLinks[l].linkType.search(/Word|Excel|Text/) === -1){ 
                theName = theLinks[l].name.replace(/\..{3,4}/,  '') 
            myContainer =     theLinks[l].parent.parent; 
            gBounds = myContainer.geometricBounds.join(', ');
            myContainer.label = gBounds;
            parentPageNumber = myContainer.parentPage.name; 
            newFile =new File(destPath + parentPageNumber + '_' + theName + '.jpg'); 
            if(myContainer.exportFile(ExportFormat.JPG,  newFile) === false){alert(newFile + ' konnte nicht geschrieben werden')}  

            Hope it'll be of any help


            Hans-Gerd Claßen