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    AAC encoding

    liquidflow Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm looking for a solution to create a live broadcasting tool which supports H264 + AAC encoding, similar to Flash Media Live Encoder.


      Since Flash Player 11 it's possible to encode H264 live streams, but I don't find any information about AAC encoding.


      The Soundcodec class (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/media/SoundCodec. html) seems not to support it.


      Is there any plug in or workaround to encode an incoming audio signal into AAC with FLASH/FLEX?

      Has Adobe planned to implement this feature?

      Which available codec would be the best to broadcast high quality live music?


      Thank you!!!

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          liquidflow Level 1

          Are there any updates on this, anyone know about a solution?



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            glennkreisel@yahoo.com Level 1

            Yes same issue here!  I can't believe the actionscript 3 audio encoder does not support AAC.  So you can't do HLS/HDS live streaming to HTML5 devices.

            No audio channel comes through.

            Adobe please fix this so we can all do live streaming across mobile and desktop.

            Or offer a patch or plugin audio encoder.


            thank you


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              glennkreisel@yahoo.com Level 1

              I've asked EdgeCast to add a Transcoder from SPEEX or PCMA/U to AAC.  But they are not interested in solving this issue.  Which I think is a HUGE mistake.  There are thousands and thousands of people using the actionscript 3 video & audio encoder, that can not get their live stream to a mobile device.

              If Adobe or EdgeCast fixed the issue we could focus on our applications and not the streaming protocols

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                AliAxe Level 1

                Same issue here and been looking for so long, yet to find any solution

                seems like there is no one on this planet to know how to stream from as3 app to mobile devices!

                Please some body answer this!

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                  AAmitabh23 Level 1

                  Yes this is hilarious, that Adobe added HLS and HDS as their selling points for FMS. And Flash/flex and actionscript can not publish to FMS with ACC.


                  So, the funny equation is this:


                  Flash/Flex -----> FMS ----> HLS/HDS -------:: Opps not working...

                  Flash/Flex -----> Wowza ----> HLS/HDS -------:: ooh yeah working...


                  My Company invested in 5 FMS 4.5 licenses and now I hate to tell my company that we can not provide HLS solution with this and need 5 wowza servers to implement this. I hate Adobe for this.


                  I guess Adobe is too busy to maintain their stocks and their developers/Managers are **** and not doing anything to keep the flash up. All Flash developers from around the world relying on Adobe and Adobe is just breaking every one trust.

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                    rjp421 Level 1

                    Yes this is ridiculous.


                    Adobe abandonded those of us who invested time and money in their products,

                    and they suddenly drop them without any decent prior notice or even announcements.


                    You'd think with all the money they've basically stolen from people, they could use to pay

                    for more people dedicated to improving these high-end products such as AMS.


                    Adobe seems to think flash is dead and it is a hopeless cause. That is nonsense, and

                    the live streaming technologies are JUST now getting the proper attention they deserve.


                    AAC is very old now, and should be FREE ANYWAY! So help make it that way!


                    Simple bitrate limiting of a stream, and AAC (trans/en)coding should not be things I have waited

                    over 5 years for in such an expensive product.


                    Adobe, you have cost some people their jobs and reputations by sticking your loyal customers

                    out in the cold like this. Shame on you.


                    This applies to dropping FLEX as well. I am going to be pissed about Flash Builder 5 being cancelled,

                    for quite a while. Just hope i still want any of the bloat from CC for my employers to keep their subscription.

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                      AAmitabh23 Level 1

                      Yes totally agreed with you pal.



                      Amitabh Arya

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                        flashdictionary Level 1

                        I believe that there are many people who wish they could publish microphone audio from a NetStream using the AAC audio codec. This isnt yet supported in the ActionScript AIR runtimes, so lets add our votes to the Adobe bugbase to get the feature implemented.


                        By doing so, we could stream audio from any AIR supported device to any other AIR supported device with conjunction of StageVideo, hardware acceleration, etc. And then Adobe could natively support HLS, HDS with AAC audio without any need for transcoding (wasted processor power, difficult to implement), and wasting developers time trying to figure out how to do so.


                        Also by implementing AAC audio at the microphone source, the audio (audio/video) latencies would be at their minimums.


                        Add your vote here:


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                          TigerEddy Level 1

                          Agree!!! AAC/MP4A is really necessary. No we have speex only!

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                            Robert Reinhardt Level 2

                            I haven't found any updates to Flash Player to indicate that AAC encoding is available for live stream publishing. Indeed, you have to use a 3rd party product to take H.264+Speex codec to H.264+AAC. Wowza Streaming Engine, for example, can use its Transcoder add-on to do an audio-only transcode to AAC while leaving the video "source" unaffected, unless of course you want to create alternate streams with lower bitrates than the live publisher's. You could also use FFmpeg as a live stream repeater, ingesting either the incoming stream from Adobe Media Server/Wowza Streaming Engine/NGINX and then republish back into the same RTMP server a transcoded stream.





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                              dmennenoh Level 3

                              Yup, totally lame Adobe. We cannot publish to Microsoft Azure services because we cannot encode audio to AAC, which is all Azure will accept. Just really, really sux. Flash is missing out big here - and now for a very major product used by CNN, MSNBC etc. Flash will not be the streaming solution. Stupid.

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                                ffff98411253 Level 1

                                One starts to understand what is wrong with Adobe and why people hate Flash that much.


                                It would be perfect if live streaming from the browser with Flash was working and playing on Apple devices. Now it's only possible with video, auido - not, because of the encoding.


                                I have no words to describe how disappointing this is.