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    Error Loading Image


      I get the message 'Error Loading Image'.  No explanation, it is just a jpg photo

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          elainecc Adobe Employee



          Where are you seeing this error?  What are you doing when it happens?  Can you post a screen shot?



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            Jerry Witt Level 2

            Also check to make sure it is not a CMYK jpeg. I believe browsers can have problems with that format.

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              DavidE777 Level 1

              I think I've found the reason.  It was a 12MP image (approx 7MB file size), and when I reduced it to 550x367 (62kB) it loaded fine.  Is there a size limit for images?  If so, it should say so when you attempt to load it!  Most digital cameras nowadays produce at least 12MP images, and you don't always think to reduce them before use.

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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Hi, David-


                Did you see the error message in Edge Animate or on the webpage when you tried to preview?  I would like to point out that a 7MB file for most people on the web would be interminable, and certainly files that large are not supported on tablet devices like the iPad for other publishing needs.  I'd wonder what use case most people would have in animating a file that large, as all of the designers we've talked to always work on download optimization for various devices.


                That being said, I can look into it.





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                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Isn't the best practice to use "save for web" in PS or AI?

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                    heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                    Agreed as above - an image from a camera is high resolution and too large for any webpage; Save For Web from an applicable graphics program is the better option.


                    Having said that - a cross-check of max w/h message would be ideal for the end user, when it is imported into EA.



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                      DavidE777 Level 1

                      Thanks Elaine, but you miss my point.  I wasn't specifically attempting to use a large file, and have no reason to do so.  It was just the default from my camera for a photo not taken only for web use, and I had forgotten to reduce the resolution.  The fact is there was an unhelpful message for an obvious error, and this needs correcting.  The error was when initially attempting to load the image, and 'Error Loading Image' isn't very helpful.  There could be a number of reasons why it won't load - corrupt file, incompatible format, etc.  The same will apply to sound files when they are fully supported.