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    Files panel stealing focus after saving and automatically uploading

    ndekruijk Level 1

      As I already mentioned in http://forums.adobe.com/message/4917862 I'm getting tired of the buggy Dreamweaver. Besides the many random crashes (which I learned to live with) here is one bug that prevents me from upgrading to 12.1 (and 12.1.1 still hasn't fixed this even though it's a confirmed bug!)


      When making changes to a site I allways setup 'Automatically upload files to server on Save' since I access my testing server with FTP or SSH (SFTP) too.

      But everytime when I save a file to Files panel steals focus (probably because the upload button is automatically triggered and is in the files panel). So I press CMD-S, files saves fine, get's uploaded and I Alt-Tab to view changes in browser, Alt-Tab back to Dreamweaver, start typing, for example I press Backspace because I want to change a value and get a message if I really want to delete the file selected in files panel. Need to close it, manual click the codeview panel again at exactly the location where I want my cursor before I can continue again. This is just rediculous and makes 12.1 so annoying I can't live with it. Now I'm forced to use 12.0 which is slower and even more buggy but at least I can type as expected because it doesn't have this bug. After the 12.1.1 release today I hoped it was finaly fixed but it just got me more pissed off....... Since I'm subscribed to Creative Cloud mainly for Dreamweaver I'm really thinking about cancelling it and changing to Coda 2 (which isn't perfect either but at least I won't pay $50 a month for bugs)


      Please Adobe, fix this! Doesn't seem that hard.

      Or at least tell me a workaround.