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    Ignore URL  param in dispacther




      We have some page URLs that has some analytic params that needs to be capture from Omniture javascript. If we are having the param in URL the page is not cached as expected. So i  want to ignore the URL param in dispatcher and serve the content from cache and have the query params in the URL to be taken care by analytics code.

      As I read in http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/deploying/dispatcher/disp_config.html , i can use ignore url param in dispatcher.


      I applied those changes but it is not working for me.


      Some doc : http://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-cq/kb/troubleshooting-dispatcher-flushing-issues.html    


      Please advice.



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          Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee

          What version of the dispatcher do you use? IIRC only the latest version does support this IgnoreUrlParams config setting. Ask daycare support to deliver you a version supporting it.



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            Scott Brodersen Level 4



            it's difficult to say based on the information that you've provided. Perhaps you could post some relevent bits of your Dispatcher log?


            Also, to make sure the issue is indeed (or is not) the ignore url param property, did you try to allow all params to see if the pages would then be cached?


            /0003 { /glob "*" /type "allow" }




            edit: I didn't see Jorg's post while I was writing this response....obviously you should ignore me unless you verify that you are using the latest Dispatcher 

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              Anzy_cq55 Level 1

              Hi Jorg/Scott,


              I am using dispatcher-apache2.2-4.1.0.so


              Entry in dispatcher.any- 



                /0001 { /glob "*" /type "deny" }

                /0002 { /glob "q" /type "allow" }



              Dispatcher log snippet-


              [Thu Dec 13 20:37:59 2012] [W] [24596(140205433005824)] /app/Apache2.2/conf/dispatcher.any:197: entry not recognized: 'ignoreUrlParams'

              [Thu Dec 13 20:37:59 2012] [W] [24596(140205433005824)] Render rend02 has no hostname; entry ignored

              [Thu Dec 13 20:37:59 2012] [I] [24596(140205433005824)] Dispatcher initialized (build 4.1.0)



              It seems entry is not recognized.

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                Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee

                Yes, Dispatcher 4.1.0 does not support this parameter. Request the latest version from Daycare support.



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                  Anzy_cq55 Level 1

                  Thanks Jorg/Scott. Appreciated the quick response:)

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                    Jayatl Level 1

                    I have a clarification question on how ignoreUrlParams works;


                    1. Does it treat ?CMP and ?cmp the same or is this section case-sensitive?
                    2. What happens if there is more than one URL Parameter and one of the params is in the ignoreUrlParams list, e.g., mysite.com?keep=anotherParam&lose=paramOnIgnoreList?  Is this page cached or not?


                    Thanks for the clarification.