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    ACR 7.3 Highlight Clipping Indicator

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      Just updated to the release version of ACR 7.3 and notice some weirdness with the highlight clipping indicator.


      The file is from a Nikon D3 set at ISO 3200 with Nikon 24-70 f2.8 (shot at f3.2)


      Open the file and all looks OK (it's noisy but what do you expect at ISO 3200). Set enable lens correction and the highlight indicator shows clipping with all other controls set to zero. OK I thought, lens correction is correcting for fall-off at the edges of the frame. Now go to the adjustments panel and just move the highlight conntrol to the left, you would think that the clipping would be reduced or maybe even eliminated - no the highligh clipped area increases in size. Zoomed in to 100% to see if it was a display anomoly, and no the clipping stays the same. The reverse of the shadow clipping I reported back in June.


      Would have thought that moving the highlight slider to such an extreme value would have reduced the clipped area not make it grow.......


      Here are some screen shots:


      Image as opened in ACR


      Zero Controls.JPG


      Now with lens adjustment applied


      Lens Correction.JPG


      Now with highlight slider set to -85 (all other controls at zero)


      Highlight Adjustment.JPG


      Highlight at -85 100% Zoom

      Highlight 100 percent.JPG


      Update - something is not right with the displays with this latest version of ACR, opening up the shadows on the same image and the highlight clipping indicators actually show them decreasing


      Another Update: These shots were taken in mixed lighting, colored gels adding to the mood of the icerink that were periodically changing color, ranging from Blue, Green, Red and combinations. Using the white balance picker on the white background the highlight clipped areas went away, but changing the color balance destroyed the mood of the scene as negated the color lighting effect. But should a change in color balance effect the highlight clipping so dramatically? Basically it looks like the highlight clipping indicator is being effected by contrast rather than the actual highlight values?


      Running Photoshop CS6 13.01 (x64) on Windows 7 x64



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          AnnShelbourne Level 2

          Try using the WHITE slider to remove your blown-out highlights instead of the Highlights slider.


          The HL slider works on the 1/4 tone area of the histogram rather than on the end-points.

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            MikeKPhoto Level 2

            Understood, but not really concerned about the blown highlights, just the fact that moving the highlight control to such a negative value would have increased the clipped area - also, this highlight clipped display is really not working - I have an area on a image where the RGB values are 170, 165, 180 and it shows as clipped - surely this is not correct behavior as nowhere near a clipped value - but the clue here is where a lighter area is next to a much darker area.


            So something is not right with the highlight clipping display - change the color temp and the clipping goes away. Very prevalent on high ISO images - so maybe high ISO noise is coming into play also



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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Can you post an example image that exhibits the behavior?

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                Vit Novak Level 3

                We were discussing this in another thread several months ago


                So, under certain conditions and when some camera profiles are used (both Nikon and Canon), it can happen that trying to reduce clipped area with sliders actually increases that area. It's caused by the profile as made by the factory (Nikon, Canon) and isn't ACR issue. I think I also posted a graphical representation of one profile showing why it happens. If not, I can post it


                The fact is - sRGB / Adobe RGB gamut is smaller than gamut of raw image, so some colors are clipped even if they are not clipped in raw color space, sometimes in slightly unexpected way. However, if Adobe standard profile is used, clipping is performed according to ACR workflow which also has some drawbacks, which we also discussed in another thread on raw image from Olympus camera, several months ago


                Showing area with RGB 170,165,180 as clipped is unexpected - can you post the sample ?