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    videodummy Level 1
      I'm working on a Flash movie that I'll have to include some work from Captivate in. I'd like to save a Captivate move as raw video that can be edited i.e. .avi or.mov then do some editing in Premier if needed, then import into Flash. However it appears that Captivate only allows files to be saved as .cp, .swf or .html is there any other way to save files in Captivate?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi videodummy,
          My goodness, so energetic! Captivate-to-Premier-to-Flash ...

          Captivate uses the standard Windows protocol of listing the output file-types right there in the "Save As" dialog drop list. I'haven't looked at it myself lately, but can tell you from memory that you can use Save As to save as a Captivate "project" file (*.CP), a Captivate "template" file (*.CPTL), and a . . . hmmmm . . . that's it! And "no", there is no way to extend that list - within Captivate.

          Oh yes, and before you drop your Captivate project into Flash, you might want to do a little research on what objects are (and are not) supported in Flash, and of course, what versions of Flash are supported. Matter of fact, you might want to to that research before creating the Captivate project . . .