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    So you don't support corporate environments now?


      Hey Adobe, were you aware that some businesses use your Flash plugin too?  Or is that not on your radar?

      I just attempted to download 11.5.502.135 IE 32-bit version at my business.  The reason was I set the last version to auto-update and guess what it does to any non-admin account (aka 99% of corporate Windows account types).  It completely destroys itself.  The flash plugin attempts to update itself, realizes the current user can't modify certain files, and continues anyway which destroys itself.  Maybe it should run itself with full admin rights or perhaps check before updating if it has enough permissions to do so?  The result is it still registers as a plugin that's enabled and exists but if you go to any website with flash, it fails to load and says there is no flash plugin.

      So since our firewall has been blocking all downloads from Adobe for some unknown reason and doesn't seem really easily fixable, I go over to filehippo.com.  As of a couple days ago, they reroute to the Adobe download page instead of hosting the file themselves.  Gee, thanks Adobe.  God forbid I might not grab that McAfee security scan or Google Toolbar.  Oh that's right, this is business and I'm not an idiot so that's not going to happen regardless.  So I had to use Tor just to download 11.5.502.135 from you.

      I go to install it and it doesn't even prompt me on my preference to auto-download or not so I have to reconfigure that manually.  Then guess what it does!  No really, go ahead, guess!  As soon as it's done, it deletes the installer off our shared software deployment drive FOR NO REASON!  So I have to go back to my office, open tor, go to your website, download it again, and make 2 copies of it just in case I forget that it does that next time.  What exactly is the logic behind this?

      If you're about to reply, saying I should use the Windows deployment, I'll do that just a soon as you use MSIs instead because it doesn't support your type of installer by default. Seeing as how there's a new flash version just about every week, I'm not going to hire someone full time solely to build elaborate install packages with Orca just to throw your software on everyone's machines all at once.  Plus, I tried
      to get on your corporate deployment list or whatever to get e-mails notifying me of updates and access to a special download location where I can get more corporate-friendly versions.  Months later, no response.  I tried another e-mail address/account, still zero response.  Yes, being the head IT manager, I did know to check my spam filter just in case.

      Is there something I'm missing here or did Adobe seriously just make using their terrible software even harder in a corporate environment?  I know they really stopped caring when HTML5 finally made their ineffecient software completely pointless but they're going out of their way to make users' experiences terrible now.  What exactly is going on?