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    Printing as Booklet adds undesired margins




      I have called Adobe with this problem, and they didn't seem to understand what I needed and requested I open a case. I'd like to ask the community first since I've had a lot of positive responses quickly here.


      Basically, I have a Book file with 18 documents for a total of 66 pages. We want to print it as a booklet where we can fold and bind the pages ourselves/a third party. The way I had to do this for the Book file was export the entire book as a PDF, then in Adobe Acrobat, select File > Print > Page Sizing & Handling > Booklet option. (See picture)




      My supervisor did this with what looks like legal paper, and the booklet looks perfect. We decided we wanted to use letter paper to save costs, but when we print to letter size, it scales all the files and adds about a 1" to 2" margin, so instead of having the footer near the bottom of each booklet page, it's about an inch off, versus the Legal paper goes all the way to the bottom. In the attached image below, you can see the spacing that shouldn't be there.



      Those two red boxes don't appear on the Legal-sized booklet nor on the individually printed out PDF file.


      Can someone assist?


      I searched around online and on here, but my issue seems to cross a lot of different issues.