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    Dropdown Options Management


      Hi Everyone...I have what I hope to be an easily solved issue.


      I have a PDF Character Sheet for an RPG that uses a lot of dropdown selections. In several sections of the sheet, multiple dropdowns exist that have the same values. For example, in the "Equipment" section, there is a dropdown list on each line....all of the options for the dropdowns are the same. This allows the player to "shop" and select different items. The same thing goes for the Spells section (see image below). The problem is that if I need to add an option, or correct the spelling of an option, I have to do this for every single dropdown and it takes quite a while to accomplish.




      Is there somesort of centralized management I can create to make this easier. Maybe the dropdowns call a list of options/values from somewhere that can be used in multiple dropdowns? This isn't a make or break thing....just looking to make updating the sheet a little easier