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    Why is there no import audio from presentation button??


      This problem has existed for quite some time, I've seen previous posts... What is Adobe planning on doing to fix this?


      OLD SOLUTION ISN'T WORKING!!  I used to be able to save PPT 2010 files down to PPT 2003 to get the "Import from Presentation" button back, but it's not working with the file I'm working on now.  I've seen posts from Adobe saying this feature would be added back in later versions of Presenter 7, but certainly by the release of Presenter 8... NOT SO, it's still not there!  What am I supposed to do with this expensive piece of software if it doesn't work with PPT 2010???????


      Anyone have any suggestion? I can't even save the pptx file as an html document, which used to work to extract the audio files as separate files, 1 for each slide... I've run out of ideas!  Seems like as expensive as Adobe software is, it should perform miracles!