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    Working Backwards - is the image in any Indesign Documents?

    SimonLaughton Level 1

      Hi guys


      Here at my place of work IT are continually trying to keep the amount of data on our network as low as possible.


      To do this they produce a large files report and a duplicate files report.


      Using indesign and packaging files as we do, we are quite often culprits of the large files or more often than not duplicate files.


      Because it isn't just us that has access to our images etc we feel we have to package our documents because of the risk of a file being moved or deleted and therefore losing its link to indesign.


      My question is this:  If we have an image, a jpg for example, is there a way of seeing any indesign files that that is linked to?  This way, if we have a large image file, we can see if it is connected to any of our indesign files and then if not, reduce / delete it without the fear of affecting any documents.