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    Difficulties with video from a Tricaster system

    Wizaerd Level 1

      Unfortunately, I don't know anything about about the actual filming studio except that they spent a ton of time & money setting it up.  We get a series of MOV files we need to import into premiere, set the appropriate work area for our begin and end time trimming, and we save multiple sequences within a single project file.  Then we take that project file into Media Encoder for scheduled rendering.  However, every step of this process has caused Premiere to hang, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't even with the same set of files.  Then when we try to open the project in Media encoder, sometimes it lists the sequences, other times it doesn't.  In most cases, both Premiere and Media Encoder just hangs.


      We have installed the NewTek TriCaster XD Codec Pack (ver 2.0), which is the only way we could even get these files into Premiere to begin with, but as I stated, it chokes on them most of the time, and we're not exactly sure what we can do to resolve this.  Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?