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    Does not play in IE 8 but plays in everything else

    SteveGuluk Level 1


      I've searched for similar issues but have not seen anyone else with the same case. I have a demo page testing Edge Animate as an interactive slideshow.


      It works fine for me on all platforms tested (Mac and PC) using various browsers (FF , Chrome and IE8) but for the persons doing the review the presentation fails.


      I've had them check other instances of Edge and fail is the same result.



      Failing environment - Clients Computer (Windows XP)

      FAIL (Blank screen where Edge display should be) with IE8 on Clients computer running Windows XP

      SUCCESS on Clients computer using Google Chrome


      I thought maybe it was the Publish settings as I like to use the raw files rather than Publish each change but even when Published:

      Test Directory

      We still get the condition where this Client sees only a blank page.


      Anyone else run into similar cases?