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    Indesign CS6 - Interactive Buttons - Destination links changing when opened on another computer




      I have encountered a bit of a problem with Indesign CS6.


      I have a customer who has created an multi-chapter Indesign file which has interactive buttons within the each chapter in the book. These buttons are linking to each chapter. E.G., Buttons on the first page in chapter one, might link to the first page of Chapter three. This has been done by setting a destination, to the file and specifying the page number within the Interactive elements dialogue box. The client has created an interactive PDF out of this.


      When I have opened the file on my side, all of the interactive destination elements have reverted to Page 1 of Chapter 1 in every single chapter (this is the first file in the book). Obviously, this means me relinking all of the locations again (there are over 2000 in the file that would need to be fixed).


      Now, I am opening the file on a Windows PC in Windows 7 using CS6. However, the client has created the files on a Mac. Which could potentially be an issue maybe (I am testing this).


      However, has anyone experienced this before, and is there a workaround?